We have a three different styles of giant light up letters available with in our hire stock, which can compliment most venue styles and will add extra WOW to your room. Giant light up letters are great for Weddings, Engagement parties and even corporate events, if we have the letter in stock we can create any combination.

If you’re planning a wedding you should consider our wedding package that includes a set of letters, DJ and photo booth!

We can hire the light up letters by themselves or with another one of our services.

Standard Range

The range of letters are just below 4ft in height, and are aluminium with a white inner. These lights have interchangeable options to suit your requirements

The standard bulb that we supply is bright white, but upon request we can supply a warm white bulb.

Interchangeable cabochon

We can also change the colour of the cabochon to match your colour scheme, however this must be requested in advance. To complement the range of giant letters we also have a heart and the ‘&’ symbol.

Please see below the letters we have available and some of the variations:



If you would like to spell a name or have initials please see below the letters that we have in stock

2xA E F 2xG H J 2xL 2xM N 2xO P 2xR S 2xT 2xV X 2xY 2x& Heart Shape

Wooden LOVE

The largest letters that we offer are just over 4ft in height with a soft festoon white LED bulbs. The letters are made from wood and painted an off white. If you have a big room these will look great


Colour Changing

Three sets of 3ft light up letters that have their own unique appearance compared to our other letters

These letters have a black edging with an acrylic front, and can colour match most colour schemes, or if you wish to have a traditional white or allow the light fade from colour to colour the choice is yours.

The light up letter sets that we can offer are: PARTY PROM



All of our light up letters are also available for either your ceremony or even your wedding breakfast so please ask us for details with required times.