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Want the ultimate look for your wedding first dance? We now offer dry ice for the ultimate Dancing on the clouds effect.

We use real dry ice to make a cloud that will stay low to the dance floor to create a look that will make your wedding guests go “Wow!”. If you have ever watched TV Shows like X-Factor or the Voice you will have seen this effect and we use the same machine to make your wedding look amazing.

Some other disco companies offer you this effect using a cheap fog machine with ice that will not give you the effect our machine gives. If you want the proper dancing on the clouds effect dry ice is the only way it can be done.

Dry Ice is is solid carbon dioxide that is heavier than air thus providing a low blanket of fog that will amaze your guests. Another bonus of using dry ice is it will not effect the fire alarms in your venue meaning you can use this at ANY venue. and neither does effect those with asthma (unlike fog machines)

The whole effect will last around 6 minutes so it will cover your whole first dance, and usually a little extra for the last track of the night.